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edil89 ask in Auto & Moto

6 months ago
Hi, What's the difference between an iron and a stainless steel exhaust? I know the iron one is heavier, but what difference would it make to the sound, what would you recommend?
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  • 6 months ago | miriam replied:

    The stainless steel one is much higher quality, it lasts longer.
    From the point of view of the sound, I don't know if the differences are made by the materials, but by the way that evacuation is structured, but by evacuation do I think we are talking about the final sports drum or another system? If it is a final sports drum, the sound is given depending on how it is designed inside, that is why they differ from each other. Instead, I would say to choose something of quality like Borla, not the Chinese who make an ugly sound and seem to roar instead of making a pleasant, guttural sound.

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