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miriam ask in Conversations

6 months ago
I have a controversial question, I don't want girls to jump on me but that's how I think.
Why still stick to this concept, that the man has to pay a girl's bill? Given that today women can make money equally.
What is the logic for the man to pay on the first date? Since he can be the first and last time anyway, that is, if the fool pays a few hundred and the girl doesn't like him anyway, it doesn't matter, he is a "man"
What is the logic in this principle ? I repeat, today, not 40 years ago.
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4 answers:
  • 6 months ago | edil89 replied:

    I'm not happy, I'm (I was) amused.
    "Men are stronger than women." Physical? Financial? A statement as genetic as the previous one, regarding superiority, creates the false impression that men are superior in all respects.
    Nobody said you should agree to pay a girl for you.
    I chose to interpret it this way because I assumed that if you say that "That payment means superiority, power, dominance, protection." and then you say that this is how you fulfill your duty as a man, it means that those women really need what you offer them.
    I mean, they are fragile, since they need protection and inferior, since you show your superiority. Am I wrong?
    I wouldn't mind, I would appreciate / it would seem natural. I would accept or not depending on what that guy is to me. If the offer came from a boyfriend / potential boyfriend I would accept.

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  • 6 months ago | carla22 replied:

    Because men are still men and women are still women.
    That payment means superiority, power, dominance, protection. You will feel good manifesting all this to her and she will like to see that you know your position and duty as a man.

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  • 6 months ago | zeineb replied:

    Normally, whoever initiated the meeting should also bear the costs. So, if he doesn't offer to pay his share, you have nothing to comment on. If you go by car, what do you do, you ask for money for gas ?!
    Has it ever occurred to you that a woman would suggest "come to the beach on the weekend!" !

  • 6 months ago | carlina replied to [ zeineb ]

    Don't keep bro with arguments like that, because they will always wait to be invited.
    And for a woman to tell me to go on a weekend at the sea, unfortunately I don't have any of these interesting women in my circle of friends, only once was a girl who liked me a lot and always honored me, then I really felt dumbass.

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