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edil89 ask in Technology

6 months ago
I read on the net and wrote that the salaries of an employee at a good IT company are 1000-2000 euros. I know those people write programs.

How to make a program? What are all the steps?

And to get to work in a company like what high school / college do you have to do and what subjects do you need to know?
I searched on several forums what are the steps to create a program and I did not understand. What do I need to know?

From my searches I learned that I need to know a programming language. What programming languages ​​do I need to know, in what order do I need to learn them and from where? I know I ask a lot of questions but I don't know anything about it.
I'm a beginner.

Can you explain to me step by step so that I can understand?

Thanks in advance. Please don't offend me because I don't know anything and maybe I did something wrong but I told you that I am a beginner and I want to learn.
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  • 6 months ago | carlina replied:

    Let's take it step by step.

    1. yes, salaries are high in IT, they start at 500 euros for someone who is in their first job and can reach up to 4000-5000 euros for a senior with years of experience and a management position in a large company.

    2. Most deal with programming, as this is the most developed branch in IT.

    3. A program is made by writing code, but in a large company you work in teams of up to 15-20 people because you work on huge projects.

    5. Well, first of all, an analysis is made of what should come out, the functionality of the application, etc. is designed. It does not start directly with the code. The code starts to be written only after it is known what the final product should look like. For example TPU. Someone thought of the concept (user asking questions, answers, points, votes) and only then started writing code.

    6. The road to follow is a high school mate-info and a profile faculty such as automation and computers or the faculty of computer science.

    7. You didn't even have to understand until you learned the basics of programming and what it means to program. you want to start now you can start looking for 9th grade high school yearbooks and see what things are eaten with.

    8. You need to know a lot of things when it comes to programming. Not just a programming language. you need to know the concepts of programming, as you learn the language quickly. You don't have to learn languages ​​in a certain order, although for a start it's good to start C / C ++, that's why it's done in school. Once you get the basics, you focus on what language you want, because everyone has their own use. There are languages ​​for web applications (php), there are languages ​​for desktop applications (Java, C #) languages ​​for mobile (java, Objective C) and so on.

    The idea is to go to a profile mate info at high school and there you will see what programming is eaten with, in order to know that computer science goes hand in hand with mathematics

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